Child Development and Day Care Services

Providing Daily Learning Experiences to Children

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Fun-Filled Classes With a Homey Feel

Most of what children learn at an early age is usually drawn from interactive experiences at home. At Latisha’s Home Daycare in Alexandria, Virginia, we offer needed warmth and care pivotal to developing their positive response to learning.

Credentialed Care

We follow a curriculum designed to engage children in fun learning and reading activities throughout the day. 

We welcome newborns and kids up to 12 years old eager to receive the loving attention they truly deserve.


Care Services Available

  • Foster Care
  • Subsidy Care
  • Military Subsidy (Through CCOA)
  • SWAM Certified

What Your Children Learn

  • The Alphabet
  • Letter Sounds/Writing
  • Numbers/Writing
  • Reading
  • VQB5/Curriculum Based


  • Books and Puzzles
  • Coloring and Opposites
  • Continents and Animals
  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Rhyming Words
  • Shapes and Colors

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Kickstart the Learning Process

Introduce your children to meaningful learning experiences as we take good care of them. Our services are available to families in Alexandria, Annandale, Fairfax, and Northern Virginia. We also serve clients in Maryland and Washington, DC.