What Does It Mean To Be Mat Certified?

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How to become MAT certified
MAT training
What does it mean to be MAT certified?

What does it mean to be MAT certified?

Being MAT certified means that you have taken a 2 part course on giving medication. It can be taken online or a classroom setting. You will need to have your 1st aid & CPR training before completing your MAT.

Mat training is learning how to administer oral liquids, tablets, inhalers and nebulizers, ear and eye medications, topical medications and EpiPen epinephrine auto-injectors. 

How to get started with your MAT training?

You can complete part 1 online at your own pace.  

Once you have completed part 1, you are required to do part 2 with a nurse. I was lucky to find a nurse to come to my home to do part 2. 

It was a pretty quick process. I had just finished part 1 so everything was pretty fresh in my mind.

When does your MAT certification expire?

Completing part 1 (of the 2 part course) is valid for 6 months. You won’t be able to administer medication until you have passed part 1 and 2. Once you have completed both parts your training is good for 3 years.


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