Parent Checklist for Daycare 2023

Parent checklist for daycare 
daycare list
what to bring to daycare for your child
Daycare checklist

What should you bring to daycare for your child/ren?

After giving birth, the time flies so fast. Before you know it, its time to go back to work. For those of us who aren’t wealthy enough to stay at home full-time, or are lucky to LOVE their job or career.

The hunt begins for daycare.

Who are you going to trust to look after the child or (children) that you went through hell to bring into this world??

Most of us have been there. Including me.

It can be scary how fast the time goes by, however there are people in this world that actually enjoy being around little ones.

That you can trust. Here’s a list of things that you may need for your child or children’s while at daycare.

Here’s a quick daycare checklist:

  • Forms for you daycare provider
  • Bottles ( Shameless plug to a previous post)
  1. Bibs

2. Water Wipes

3. Burp Clothes

4. Boogie wipes

5. Diaper Rash Cream

6. Crib Sheets

7. Sippy Cups

8. Pacifier

9. Teething Rings

10. Silicone bibs

11. Bottle Labels

These are the essentials to get you started. If you happen to be looking for a daycare provider in Alexandria, VA. Feel free to contact me.

Need help getting your daycare started?? If not, I have linked a how to on starting your daycare.

I happen to do consultations. I charge $97/hr. Feel free to contact me here.